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Welcome Southridge/Kamiakin LAX 2021 Registration

Southridge/Kamiakin Lacrosse is open to all high school boys in grades 9, 10, 11, and 12.  Our feeder schools include:

  • Kamiakin High School
  • Kennewick High School
  • River View High School
  • Southridge High School
  • Walla Walla High School

Players who attend a private school, Delta, or are home schooled are eligible to play Southridge Lacrosse if their home address is located within the Kennewick or Finley School Districts. 

We also welcome any player that lives somewhere that doesn't currently have a local program and Kennewick is the closest program to their home school.  Players from Walla Walla currently play for Southridge Lacrosse.

If a player attends a school other than the above, or lives outside of the Kennewick or Finley School Districts please contact Rhonda Schafer at southridgelacrosseclub@yahoo.com for help determining eligibility.